Do You Want to Serve on our Board of Directors?

Would you like to serve on our Board of Directors?

We currently have two vacancies on our board of directors.  We are seeking candidates from BIPOC and LGBTQ2S Communities. (scroll down for the application form)

Parents, grandparents and child care providers attending our programs, as well as other members of the community are eligible to serve on our board.  Board members are required to provide their date of birth and official address to the Charities Directorate division of Canada Revenue Agency.

What does the Board of Directors do? The Board is the official operator of East End Children’s Centre, and makes decisions about how our charitable corporation operates:  how our money is spent, how we fundraise, new policies, changes to old policies, human resource issues.  The Board also enters into agreements with and reports to our funders.  Our board members are required to be very involved in planning and executing our annual fundraising event, which is in the fall.  Currently, the organization’s primary focus is on strategic planning.  Our strategic planning process created the No Child Turned Away project that has become very popular with participants!  We do aim to please!

Is their insurance coverage for directors? Yes.

What happens at board meetings? Since April 2020, our board has met virtually on Zoom on a monthly basis.

Historically, our fall meetings are very focused on fundraising.  Other agenda items usually include updates from staff, financial statements, as well as balanced and open discussions about many of the issues we face as an organization trying to serve more children than we really have adequate funds and space for.  Decisions are made about what is in our community’s best interests, and a majority vote decides whether or not a motion passes.  For in-person meetings, child care is provided and a light dinner is available.

When and where are the meetings? IN person meetings usually week-nights around 6:30 pm, finishing by 8:30 pm.  We meet monthly, September through June.  Summer meetings may be scheduled as needed. Additional event planning meetings, related to our annual fall gala, are held more frequently in September and October.  The meetings are held at our Kimbourne site. (see update above about virtual meetings during the Covid pandemic)

Committees  Every board member serves on a committee.  Currently our committees are Fundraising, Gala, Governance, Programming & Access.  Committees meet at times, and in locations determined by committee members.

Why do parents, grandparents and child care providers serve on East End Children’s Centre’s Board of Directors?  They serve because they care about our community and our programs and want to help.  The main things they bring to the table are their understanding of the importance of family support programs, and their commitment to doing what works for the community, within our budget and funding requirements.  (It also looks nice on your resume).  Although our board is typically composed of community members from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of skills, every individual who serves on our board commits to fundraising work, and utilizes their contacts to leverage support EECC.

Interested?  Send an email to our board of directors at  Attach a completed board member application