Procedures & Protocols

Please self-screen
  • Screening has not gone away. It’s now your responsibility, but it has not become acceptable to come to programs with coughs and runny noses. We have started to observe these symptoms in children attending our program. Please be prepared for questions from staff if you or your children appear to have symptoms.
Masks are no longer required but still strongly encouraged.
  • Wearing masks helps us protect the babies in our programs, who can not wear masks.
  • If you are responsible for children who have not acquired the life skill of masking, consider helping them learn to wear a mask. Resource
  • We have masks available
Sanitize or wash your hands and the hands of your children
  • We will remind you on arrival and sorry if it’s a pain, but we expect you to do it.
  • Hand washing prevents transmission of viral and bacterial infections that spread very easily through the hands and shared items.
Please hang bags and other personal belongings on our coat hooks.
  • Please keep your personal belongings off our floors and mats where children are playing.
Bring a lock in case you must leave your stroller outside.
  • Very sadly, a stroller was stolen from our front lawn at Kimbourne in the spring. Unfortunately, opportunists are always on the hunt for valuables they can sell. Stroller parking at our Terry Fox site is exclusively outdoors, and at Kimbourne, the stroller parking room fills up some days, so come prepared with a lock.
  • Don’t leave personal items in your stroller. Bring them in and hang them up.
Every person attending our EarlyON programs must sign in on arrival.
  • Please use your camera to scan our QR code and provide the names of each person who is attending. We can work around this, for participants who can’t use our sign in app.
  • Address and phone number are only needed on your first visit.
  • We are required to track and report to our funders how many child and adult visits we receive. Please provide dates of birth for children on their first visit (or subsequent visits if you’ve been skipping this step) as that is how our tracking system knows whether to count them as children or adults.
  • Please remember, all your information is kept private. We never share or sell your personal information.