Toy Donations: Please review our list

Thank you for thinking of us. East End Children’s Centre is not currently accepting donated toys with the exception of:

  • dolls and puppets that are representative of BIPOC / POC / Disability / Neurodiversity / LGBTQ2S
  • children’s books and learning materials that support representation/visibilty of BIPOC, POC, Disability, Neurodiversity and LGBTQ2S communities

We can now accept  disposable diapers for re-distribution to the community! You can drop them off at our 200 Wolverleigh site during program hours. If you leave them while we’re not open, please bag them and label them EECC and tuck them into the alcove surrounding the main church doors.

Some other options:

  • The Salvation Army on Overlea Blvd is accepting donations.
  • The Tiny Toy Co repurposes and upcycles toys, especially small plastic pieces, to keep them out of landfill and create theme based kits.
  • Diabetes Canada has drop-off bins and curbside collection of clothing, footwear, toys, sports equipment and electronics.
  • Value Village is right in our hood on Danforth near Woodbine. Sometimes people tell us they don’t want to support Value Village as it is for-profit (which is true), but Value Village does pay partners in the non-profit sector for all donated items they accept. Please be aware that if bags/boxes of toys are left at our door (don’t do this!), that is where we will take them as we don’t have time to sort them or space to store them.
  • Freecycle Toronto
  • Freecycle Facebook Page