Virtual Programming with EECC Staff

Circle Time via Zoom: Monday through Saturday at 10 am. Sign up here for a link to access.

***Please note that we will record our circle times to share on social media for children who can not access the circle. ***

Our Daily Circle Time will be posted on our facebook page. Scroll down to see our other programming for the week of July 6th.

Look for this content on our facebook page each day.  Week of July 6th:

Monday 07/06: Anna makes an origami fish and Rashida shows us her vegetable garden!

Tuesday 07/07: Anna, Lisa and Rashida have fun with fishing and counting at Kimbourne!

Wednesday 07/08: Loose Parts 1: Anna, Lisa and Rashida have fun making rainbows from items they find at Kimbourne!

Thursday 07/09: Loose Parts 2: What rolls? What makes noise? Anna, Lisa and Rashida find items at Kimbourne to have fund with! And: Baby Time with Anna!

Friday 07/10: Hopscotch and other gross motor games with Anna and Rashida! Daily viewing of a blooming sun flower with Lisa!

Saturday 07/11: Circle Time with Lisa