Evacuation Drills

Monthly evacuation drills are a necessary inconvenience.  We are required to do them and we want to do them well because we care about your child’s, yours and our own safety.

Participation in evacuation drills is mandatory for everyone.


  1. Staff will alert participants to the drill
  2. Participants will be permitted to slip on shoes
  3. Important: Coats, bags, and strollers must be left behind. We will be back inside in under 5 minutes. Please do not delay the process by gathering unnecessary items.
  4. Gather your children. Ask another adult to help carry children if you have more than one that can not walk on their own.
  5. One staff will lead the group to the door.
  6. A second staff will help the group cross the street.
  7. A third staff will gather the group on the sidewalk across the street and do a head count.
  8. A fourth staff will check the space to make sure everyone has evacuated.
  9. When all participants are on the sidewalk across the street and a head count has been completed, everyone walks safely back across the street and indoors.

We expect adults attending our programs to model a positive attitude during evacuation drills, so that children feel safe while practicing these skills.  Please follow all directions from staff.  Do not collect your coat, bags and stroller.  You will be interrupted by staff and asked to cooperate if you try do this, or decide to depart the program during a drill.  If the weather is chilly, throw a coat or blanket over your child and leave the building.